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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya is a Unique Religious, Socio-Cultural, Educational and Charitable Institution with a laudable mission and vision, based in Kasaragod, the northern most District of Kerala, India. The institution has been registered under the Societies Registration Act and also with the Wakaf Board, Kerala. Situated on a lovely hillock near Chandragiri River, (6 KM. South of Kasaragod Town, 10 KM. North of Bekal Fort, and 70 KM off Mangalore International Airport) at Sa-adabad, Deli, Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya has turned up to be one of the premium educational institutions of India.

Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya was established in April, 1971 under the adept supervision of late Kallatra Abdul Khadir Haji, a benevolent gentleman who was well-known for his generosity. In 1979 it was merged with Samastha Kerala Jamyiathul Ulama, Kannur District Committee. Coming out with multi-faceted programmes to uplift the educationally downtrodden region, Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya could emerge as a prominent educational institution in no time. The donation of five acres of land by Late Abdul Khadir Haji Kallatra boosted the infrastructural development of the organization. Now, Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya enjoys the guidance and leadership of eminent scholars of the surrounding districts and draws its intellectual, moral and spiritual energy from them.

Sprawling over 55 acres, Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya runs 30 institutions, including two orphanages (boys’ and girls’) and a destitute home. Giving employment to more than 500 personnel, currently this peerless organization is imparting value-based education to more than 5000 students in Arts, Science and Technical fields.

We, on behalf of Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya, humbly request your generous self to contribute to its noble cause.

Our sincere thanks to you and we assure you that, the prayers of Sa-adiya family, especially of the innocent orphans, will always be there for you.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Jamia Sa-adiya.


Sayyid KS Attakoya Kumbol Thangal
President, Jamia Sa-adiya